Nigeria has had a rocky road when it comes to the country's stability in terms of its government and its economy. But, in the last few years it has been making several strides towards a better life for its people and there are those who are now able to work in many different sectors. If you have experience working with machines or working in finance, for example, and you're living in this country then you might be interested to know what sort of work you might be able to do here. A good place to start when looking for a new career are at the top industries in that location. Here are the biggest sectors that exist in Nigeria.

This is an oil rich country and there are many people with a background of working with a rollformer or in construction who find a place within this industry. At one point, more than ninety percent of the country's foreign exchange earnings came from oil and about eighty percent of Nigeria's operating budget. Since 2008, the country has been working hard to rely on more than just this one industry to keep it going and it have received debt forgiveness and new loans to help them towards this goal. So, while many of the other industries that now exist in the country are quite new, they are also growing at a fast rate.

One of the sectors that the government of Nigeria is trying hard to improve is its banking systems. If you've got more of a background working in finance then you do working with your hands on decking or in an oil field then you might be able to find a job in this growing sector. There are also several chances to work in other businesses that are working off the land in Nigeria. There are companies that are mining coal and tin as well as those in agriculture wood, and cement. You might be able to create the materials that turn into tires by working in rubber products and hides and skins are also one of the larger industries.

There are several factories that are sprouting up all over Nigeria making all kinds of different things. Textiles, food products, footwear and chemicals are all existing in the local economies and there is also some work in printing and ceramics. If you're interested in primitive art then there are some movements and companies that are trying to go in and buy directly from the many artisans that work here. You can find products from Nigeria in stores like Ten Thousand Villages and offered by some start-up business charities.

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