Whatever job you currently hold, be it as a receptionist for a family doctor or you work in the food services industry, your pay structure will work one of two ways. You're either paid by the hour or on a salaried commission by your employer and whichever method you are paid by will largely depend on what your job is and whether or not it's full or part time. This is no different in Nigeria.

The salary versus hourly pay debate is one that will never go away because neither pay option will become obsolete, as there are so many companies out there that use both methods to pay employees that work for them. Most companies will let their employees know how they will be paying them for their services, which means that there never really is an option to choose one or the other.

If for whatever reason your plumbing company were to allow you to pick whatever form of payment you wanted which one would be most beneficial? Hourly pay and salary pay both have their advantages and disadvantages so which is for you? The benefits of being paid by the hour include knowing that you are guaranteed a certain amount each hour you work, there is no set amount of hours you must work every week, overtime pay is an option, and holiday pay could be more than double your normal hourly wage.

The downside of hourly pay is that if your company closes down early certain days or there's just not enough data entry work for everybody to go around you might be sent home, which would mean not getting paid anything at all. Salary work also has its fair share of advantages such as being guaranteed your paycheck will have a certain amount every two weeks, additional perks like vacation days are offered by some employers, the freedom to work a more flexible schedule, and a higher status within the company are all bonuses that might come with being on salary.

There is one major drawback to being paid by salaried commission and that is if you work more than 40 hours every week or you work on holidays you won't get paid overtime. Your salary rate is a flat number that doesn't have any wiggle room, no matter how much overtime work you put in. When determining if salaried commission or hourly pay is for you talk to a number of people you know who get paid either method such as real estate agents and ask them for their honest opinion. You'll find out which method is for you and can then go about your work routine. This information about hourly versus salary page wages was put together by the good people of Atlantis Pools. If you are thinking about getting a quote for a new pool installation, this is the company to call!

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