While some people come to Nigeria to experience the sites of Africa, there are others who are interested in a much longer stay. If you're planning to leave behind your old job for a new career in this country then you will be happy to know that there are some great choices out there that could be a good fit to someone immigrating into the country. There are some people who come in with a background in public services and those who are trying to build their experience in some form of engineering or the sciences. Whatever your field, we feel you should find something!

When you're looking for a job in another country you can't start out with the typical task of printing off a bunch of resumes and bringing them around to the businesses that you know in the area. So, instead you might be looking for some resources that could help you find work with your experience as a woodworking apprentice (search here) or from working in the digital marketing industry (see website). If you're just looking for a job board then there are lots of different sites that can help you find a number of postings. There are some that just focus on the jobs that are currently available in Lagos and those that try to be a little more broad.

If you've graduated from a university or college program then you might want to check with your careers office to see if they have any ties to schools in Nigeria. There are many schools that have links because of an exchange or internship program and they might be able to get you in contact with someone who can find you what you're looking for in this country. If you've been working in an art gallery displaying paintings say, or if you're interested in working for a humanitarian organization like UNICEF, then there are many schools in the country that might be interested in helping you find what you're best at.

There are lots of different non-government organizations working throughout Nigeria to provide citizens with everything from water to new homes. If you are not satisfied with working for builders and instead want to find a place within an organization like Habitat for Humanity then you will find that you get most of these placements back at home before you even come over to Nigeria. There are lots of people working as volunteers and paid professionals within different NGOs and you are likely to find that there is some organization that can use your skills to help the people and situations here. Even if your work experience is helping people to workout as a fitness trainer you could lend your skills to a group like Right to Play.

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